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HingesSS Door HingesSS 4x12 Heavy Door Hinges (100mm x 2.5mm)

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Simpex Steel offer various range of best quality stainless steel hinges for doors, windows & furniture use. Our stainless steel hinges are manufactured from best quality steel for best protection as well as long lasting durability.

We offer exclusive hinges range in various designs and shape such as SS Premium Hinges, SS Butt Hinges, SS L-Type Hinges, SS Ball Bearing Hinges, SS Door Hinges, SS Windows Hinges, SS Furniture Hinges, Stainless Steel Premium Hinges, etc.

We offer premium stainless steel hinges in various size mentioned below:

75 x 15 x10mm (3 x D-Cut Heavy) 16GG
75 x 19 x 13mm (3 x Cut Heavy) 16GG
75 x 18 x 18mm (3 x Narrow Heavy) 16GG
75mm (3 x 16)
75mm (3 x 12)
100 x 19 x 13mm (4 x Cut Heavy) 16GG
100 x 18 x 18mm (4 x Narrow Heacy) 16GG
100mm (4 x 14)
125mm (5 x 14)
100mm (4 x 12)
125mm (5 x 12)
150mm (6 x 12)